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Cocktail Workshops

Learn how to make the cocktails you enjoy and try a new trick or two you won't learn anywhere else. We have qualified bar staff with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment that will make a casual drinking 'get together' more memorable.

We can combine a workshop with a night out, work function or seminar. It starts at $25 per head for 5 tasty cocktails.. time is only limited till you make the perfect one. Prizes given to the winner of the best tasting cocktail. Contact us for more details.


Beer Tasting Workshops

This is something we excel at. We are a proud member of the beer masons. With 2 qualified beer reps that would give you a beer to knock you socks off, we offer a workshop that will show you the best of our local beers, and some imported.

If you and others are interested in learning more about the barley, wheat and hops we enjoy so much.. Why not try a workshop that goes beyond the normal C.U.B./Lion beers sold everywhere and wet your palate with unique beers from local brewers and others from all around the world, getting amazing information about their origins, backgrounds and flavours. At $25 a head (that's including 3-4 unique beers and tutor) tastes good!

*Conditions Apply

Bartender Hire

Bartender Hire

Require bar staff to serve drinks at a function? We provide all types of bartenders for all types of occasions.


Bar Equipment Hire

Bar Equipment Hire

We hire out all equipment needed to jump start your event. From glassware to tables, cocktail shakers to ice buckets.


Liquor Catering

Liquor Catering

Drink deals tailored for any event. Amazing cocktails, tasty wines, cold beers and everything in between.